The eternal flame

The eternal flame of life burns forever
it’s brightness increase with birth and diminishes with death
but the flame never extinguishes More


The mind

Our mind is a stream of constantly flowing thoughts.
What thought will come next is unknown.
When our thoughts get control of us we fly around like a straw in the river.
If the water is turbulent we get thrown around, tossed and turned.
When the water is peaceful we float gently.

There is an alternative.

Beyond the power of the mind there is the power of us.
That is our human spirit, our intellect and our will.
We can refuse to be the victim of our mind when we can overcome our mind with our spirit.
A remarkable shift happens; the chemicals in our brain change, they start loosing the incredible power they can have on us.
Instead of our mind telling us what to do – we tell our mind what WE are going to do.

Feeling is more powerful than thinking.
Living is more powerful than intellectualising.

Live, smile be happy.

YOU are more powerful than your mind.

Who are you?

who are you beyond your name?

who are you with out your money?

who are you without your position?

Who are you without your things?

Who are you without your addictions and afflictions?

Who are you without your relationships?

who are you you without everything that you call you?

Who are you?

The injured tigress

Once upon a time long ago in India a pregnant tigress decides to make home in a small bushed area, she is planning to give birth to her cubs there.
Unfortunately the spot is ill chosen for a venomous cobra also makes her home in that same spot.
The female cobra has just laid her eggs and hence is extremely protective about that area.
She is worried about the presence of the tigress and foresees danger to her forthcoming hatchlings; she does not welcome the intrusion.
So, to protect her space the female cobra attacks the tigress and bites her several times.
The tigress is seriously wounded as the venom has entered her body. This attack happens late in the evening and the tigress is left to deal with her grave injuries through the hot indian summer night. The tigress is in agony, the poison is spreading through her body and is causing her immense pain. She struggles with the pain for hours, the heat, her injuries and exhaustion makes her drowsy, she wants to sleep but she knows that if she sleeps she will die; the poison will take over, so she fights sleeps and keeps awake licking and moving her bitten leg to somehow hang on to life.

After intense struggle all night, finally the healing powers of her own body overcome the venom. The poison has worked through her system and she has survived. The sun is rising and first light shows. With a little hop she walks away from the spot. The tigress goes about her day still lethargic from the restless night but well on her way to be healthy again.

This is a true story.


Life is like a wonderful and colorful drama.

I am the observer of this interesting drama; looking at all that is happening; smiling and amused by what takes place. The more present I become the more away I am from the drama – even from my own role in it.

I just sit here peacefully and smile!

The mind

Our mind goes on, day and night.

Saying things to us, some real, some imaginary, some crazy.

It happens to all of us, all the time.

Have you ever had a dialogue with your mind?

Challange the negative thoughts, tell it the the positive ones.

You are bigger than your mind.

Control your mind or it will consume you

DIrect your mind instead of following it

You are more powerful than your mind

Go with the Flow

Life is like a stream and we are like a little blade of grass flowing in it.

The current of life will take us where we need to go. There will be little pauses and swirls; sometimes the current will be fast and sometimes gentle and slow. It is the way life is.

No matter how the flow of the water is know that that blade of grass is exactly where it needs to be. We are always in the spot where we need to be; each twist and turn is step in the journey and is perfectly arranged.

Go with the Flow, believing that you are exactly where you need to be, stay calm irrespective of the turbulence of the water.

Go with the flow in relaxed enjoyment.

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