Two Worlds

There is a world outside.
The world of people, objects and situations.
This outer world is easy to perceive.
The outer world of objects attracts us and and we run after it.
All our lives !

The outer world is fleeting, always changing and providing us with joy sometimes and other times with sorrow!
That is the nature of the outer world.

There is a world inside us.
This world is a little harder to comprehend – yet it is real.
Some say it is actually the only real world.

This world inside us is our soul, our spirit.
We can tap and tune into this internal world through meditation and focus.
The internal world is beautiful, peaceful, loving and tranquil.
Our breath is the bridge to this internal world.

Life is a quest.
You can either run after the world outside.
or you can tune into the world inside.

The sages say stop being externally focused (bahirmukhi)
and become internally focussed (antarmukhi).