Living a life that you enjoy.

A life that makes you feel joyful.

Being true to yourself, your values.

Not judging yourself but loving yourself for who you are.

Being yourself, authentic and genuine.

Not worrying about how others will see you.

That is being congruent and is source of great satisfaction and peace.


The day that seemed so far away

When you are in a difficult period in life, you seem to be caught in a hurtling river. It feels like the power of the fast flowing, uncontrolled  and violent stream tosses you around like a  twig. You try to find direction but are sucked in by the force of the water jet over and over again.

Feelings of frustration, despair, hopelessness come and go. From time to time you find some respite on the shore; only to dive back again – the ordeal continues. It is like something you can’t accept or avoid. It’s like a movie with some good parts but mostly it is crazy and dramatic which engulfs you.

The tough times also make you dig deep and make you resolute. You start looking for alternatives. What comes up is a function of hard work, creativity and some luck!

Finally you are out of it, the negativity and poison which gets into you starts seeping away. You feel a sense of relief, the drama is over. The actors in the drama are still yelling and screaming but you cannot hear there voices – it becomes quiet, silent, you slowly walk away from the clamorous din.

You realize how toxic is the water that you been in. It corrodes your body mind and spirit. The only way to address it is leave it, to get out – you cant be in it and yet be not affected by it. You are only human!

Having been on this earth for a while I know that there is no perfection but there is progress.

There is a better way more peaceful and productive, I have faith and plug away.

The day that seemed so far away is here.

Today is that day!


Sometimes things that don’t glitter are Gold.


Fresh air

beautiful skies

kids smiles

makes me quiet

makes me happy

and I bow down to magnanimity of this universe

in gratefulness

That tiny spec

I am that tiny spec

in which the whole universe reflects

non negotiable

someone said once that they are non negotiable
here is the boundary
here is how it is
take it or leave it
they could break, but not bend.

it made me think

am i negotiable?

The you within you

There is a you within you
which remains mostly unfamiliar
This other you is very powerful, peaceful and expansive
it becomes more visible when the other you becomes quiet
Once there is even a glimpse of this other being
even a glimpse
a lot of beauty emerges from it
all external processes are designed
to introduce you to your self

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