Within myself

Its a Sunday afternoon

I am relaxed and calm.

I can feel my body, my breath is slow and deep. I feel centered and comfortable. Gratefulness arises, everything feels OK. My mind is not racing with ideas, I just feel like being still.

This peaceful space in myself is my spirit, my atma. It’s a place of love and tranquility within myself.


The Ducks

The city; cold, icy, treacherous roads, stress, tension people running around from one place to another driving their cars.

Worry, panic and nervous energy prevails.

A river flows through the city, on the unfrozen part of the river a flock of ducks sit, trying to stay warm, perhaps looking for some food.

They look serene, quiet and happy.

I look at these ducks and smile.

They teach us presence, acceptance and happiness.



One Day

One day this whole thing comes to an end.

The drama, the fight, the struggle – it’s all over.

In a flash we are gone.

It will happen to all of us, to me, you and everyone.

The light that gives us life leaves us and goes away.

People left behind are tearful, perplexed not understanding what has happened or why, bewildered; even though we all know it, it’s inevitable  – no one can escape it.

The fire burning within us slowly dwindles into a small flame and then extinguishes.

The spirit goes to the same place that it comes from.

Beyond this coming and going there is place of eternity, of space where another flames always burns, never extinguishing.

It is the light that gives us light and life.

It is a beautiful place, tranquil and smiling.

This morning I sit and contemplate on that light.

And I feel peaceful, in love and happy.



We live in our minds, which only tells us half of the truth. Much lies beyond our abilities to think. You can access the wisdom of the spirit by going beyond your mind; by actually shutting your mind down or at least tuning it out.

In that quietness, when the mind stops chattering the lotus us awareness blooms. We see far above and beyond of our normally perceived reality.

Our breath provides us the simple and easy path to get there. All we have to do is to sit and gently bring our attention to ourselves and let the universe do the rest. The universe loves us and will bring us in it’s fold.

The eternal flame

The eternal flame of life burns forever
it’s brightness increase with birth and diminishes with death
but the flame never extinguishes More


Life is like a wonderful and colorful drama.

I am the observer of this interesting drama; looking at all that is happening; smiling and amused by what takes place. The more present I become the more away I am from the drama – even from my own role in it.

I just sit here peacefully and smile!

Go with the Flow

Life is like a stream and we are like a little blade of grass flowing in it.

The current of life will take us where we need to go. There will be little pauses and swirls; sometimes the current will be fast and sometimes gentle and slow. It is the way life is.

No matter how the flow of the water is know that that blade of grass is exactly where it needs to be. We are always in the spot where we need to be; each twist and turn is step in the journey and is perfectly arranged.

Go with the Flow, believing that you are exactly where you need to be, stay calm irrespective of the turbulence of the water.

Go with the flow in relaxed enjoyment.

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