Swami Narayan Swarup

In 1991 I had the opportunity to live in a monastery called “paramarth niketan”  in Rishikesh, India. Situated at the banks of the holy river Ganges this town is known for it’s spirituality and peace. As a young man living in Canada I was searching answers to the questions of life.

I happened to meet a teacher called Swami Narayan Swarup. This man was a bit blunt in his manners and had a simple message – you are not this body you are the soul; his entire life was spent in re-enforcing this message to himself and teaching it to others. I found his ideas very appealing and started to spend a lot of time in his company. Initially Swami ji was a bit skeptical but he soon felt that I was deserving of the knowledge and started to take interest in teaching me.

The lessons continued until it was time for me to leave and return back to Canada, so I went to him and told him. He was a bit taken aback as my spiritual and educational growth under him was progressing very well.

You have to return back to Canada?? he asked with surprise – is that important or is this important? That question has reverberated in spirit for almost 30 years. It is the most profound and important question in life – what is important?

I smilingly told Swami ji that I had to return to Canada. He smiled back and gave me the blessing “be very happy” those blessings have reverberated in my spirit for the last 30 years.

He gave me a book that he wrote and that I have with me to this day. Time spent at the ashram with him is an unforgettable memory.

Swami ji has since passed on but his spirit lives in me.









My sense of self is not diminished by criticism and is not built if someone appreciates me. I have learnt to accept myself with all my strengths and weaknesses. I realize I am God’s child like any other.

It has been a long journey to get here and one of my deepest life lessons – self acceptance.  I appreciate when someone gives me a flower, I try to learn when someone hands me a thorn, it’s a process of constantly learning and developing with peace in your heart that says, you are Ok,  you are who I are.

The process goes from – I am who I am to I am to just I. A quiet place where you are alone but you are peaceful and content.



This body!

Our bodies – a place to be in while we are here on this earth

It is a marvel of nature, a gift and a blessing

Time and life sips away at this body, slowly till one day the body is done. She says no, I have no more, that’s all I have.

But life has unquenchable thirst – it wants more and more and more; almost endlessly. However the body is not endless – it is a finite entity.

Death is a reality, we are all told that we have to leave so that we can live. So that we can appreciate today, good health, family, friends, the beauty of this earth and this flowing breath.

The thought of not being here makes me smile and makes me more present to today. I walk with this knowledge and give a blessing to everyone who I see.

Let’s celebrate being here today, being together and be happy.

Let’s be aware of this body, this wonderful gift – a home for our spirit.


The Spiritual Path

After you spend time in yoga or meditation.
You get a sense that it is okay.
Life has not changed or become any different yet you get the sense that whatever it is it  will be handled.
This feeling stays for a while and then the disturbances of this world take over indicating that you have to go back into your place of silence.
The constant visits to that meditative place and the belief in the strength of that space is the path of the spirit – it is the spiritual path.



Within myself

Its a Sunday afternoon

I am relaxed and calm.

I can feel my body, my breath is slow and deep. I feel centered and comfortable. Gratefulness arises, everything feels OK. My mind is not racing with ideas, I just feel like being still.

This peaceful space in myself is my spirit, my atma. It’s a place of love and tranquility within myself.

The Ducks

The city; cold, icy, treacherous roads, stress, tension people running around from one place to another driving their cars.

Worry, panic and nervous energy prevails.

A river flows through the city, on the unfrozen part of the river a flock of ducks sit, trying to stay warm, perhaps looking for some food.

They look serene, quiet and happy.

I look at these ducks and smile.

They teach us presence, acceptance and happiness.



One Day

One day this whole thing comes to an end.

The drama, the fight, the struggle – it’s all over.

In a flash we are gone.

It will happen to all of us, to me, you and everyone.

The light that gives us life leaves us and goes away.

People left behind are tearful, perplexed not understanding what has happened or why, bewildered; even though we all know it, it’s inevitable  – no one can escape it.

The fire burning within us slowly dwindles into a small flame and then extinguishes.

The spirit goes to the same place that it comes from.

Beyond this coming and going there is place of eternity, of space where another flames always burns, never extinguishing.

It is the light that gives us light and life.

It is a beautiful place, tranquil and smiling.

This morning I sit and contemplate on that light.

And I feel peaceful, in love and happy.


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