The mind

Our mind is a stream of constantly flowing thoughts.
What thought will come next is unknown.
When our thoughts get control of us we fly around like a straw in the river.
If the water is turbulent we get thrown around, tossed and turned.
When the water is peaceful we float gently.

There is an alternative.

Beyond the power of the mind there is the power of us.
That is our human spirit, our intellect and our will.
We can refuse to be the victim of our mind when we can overcome our mind with our spirit.
A remarkable shift happens; the chemicals in our brain change, they start loosing the incredible power they can have on us.
Instead of our mind telling us what to do – we tell our mind what WE are going to do.

Feeling is more powerful than thinking.
Living is more powerful than intellectualising.

Live, smile be happy.

YOU are more powerful than your mind.