Cycles of Life

Our life is made up of cycles
In an up cycle things come to us, we feel abundant
In a down cycle things go away from us, we feel empty

Our emotions follow the same pattern
sometimes we feel bad even though nothing has changed in our life
and sometimes we feel good even though  everything else is the same
these are just the cycles of our emotions

Nature of life is impermanent
The down cycles do not last forever neither do the up cycles

Then there is the witness within us
the quiet watcher who is unchanged in any cycle
the more we attach to this witness the more peaceful we become in all life situations

Yoga is the process of connecting to this silent watcher; of recognizing the presence of presence

Just like stabilizers in modern ships reduce the amount of rolling in the seas, the practice makes you a little more calm a little more peaceful amid the ups and downs
it cannot eliminate the cycles but it can keep you balanced as you go through the cycles



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