Conscious Day

An unconscious day is one when you are driven by the storm of mental activity.
Bewildered, reactive you are in a battle with this world, it’s people and it’s objects.

It’s an exhausting, draining and tedious exercise.
leaves you spent and unable to enjoy the very things that you work for.

A conscious day is one where you are connected to you body and breath.
Things are slow and meaningful.
You are actually present in what you are doing.
It’s a beautiful experience of everything big and small.

I wish you a conscious day.



There is an eternal flow of life.
We are all coming from somewhere and going somewhere.

I pause and reflect on all the change, yet
I remain the same, the quiet non reacting  witness of all that changes.
It is a calm and peaceful spot.
I do my work and then take refuge in myself.

beautiful flute music plays on representing this changing world
me the quiet listener, just listens and appreciates.