In the middle of it all

You cannot undertake anyone else’s journey,
you cannot accelerate or slow down anyone else’s healing process
you can only walk your own path with as much peace, joy and presence as possible
and hope that it has an influence.


Glimpses of peace!

During our daily practices we experience state of calm and peace
this state is short lived yet it is very powerful as it gives us a taste of our true nature
when our mind quietens it’s incessant chatter peace blooms automatically, we start to connect deep within us versus always looking outside.

through consistent practice these glimpses of peace can expand to envelope more and more of our lives.

the state when we are quiet and centered within us is called various names; in this state of equanimity we are still in the ocean of change.

Have a nice day!

Just like the makers of medications have invested all their research and potential in the medicine our ancient saints and seekers have put all their knowledge and wisdom in spiritual practices like yoga, meditation etc.

Once the patient takes the medication he does not need anything else because the medicine works on it’s own, because the medication caries the healing potential within itself. Similarly, the yogic practices have built in mechanisms for peace and joy – we just have to practice the practice and it works automatically.

Of course, like all medications come with a prescription and some cautions to aid the healing process so do the spiritual practices.

The beauty of these spiritual practices is that they are a end within themselves; we may not attain a state of nirvana but each practice is nirvan in itself. With time the practice deepens, the mind quietens and we become more and more accepting of our life as it is.

So, follow your chosen practice, your favorite path and let it bloom on it’s own.

Have a nice day!