There is nothing random

Everything, from the smallest incident to the greatest event is designed for a purpose.
The purpose is the growth and evolution of your soul to the highest, to the ultimate.

Till you resist it
it persists
when you accept it
you move on
to the next level
to a more deep level
and the process continues.

Accept and respect each event with gratitude, love and respect.

it is made for you!

there is nothing random!


The Path

There are numerous challenges in life.

The answers to many of these challenges areĀ  available in your spiritual path.

By sincerely following the path you will continue to evolve in peace and love.

One has to have that faith

One has to have faith in his path.

Wonderful abundunt energy

We are all floating in joyous energy that pervades the earth, sky and stars.

This energy is beautiful and peaceful.

Experience this powerful and loving energy through your breath.


Sacred Sleep

Sleep is not the residual time of the day that we give to our body.

It is a conscious investment to keep our body and mind healthy.

Immense healing and rejuvenation takes placeĀ  during our sleep.

Sleep is sacred