No thoughts

When I start my spiritual practice in the morning.
Typically my mind is full of thoughts, the stresses and strains of the day, people I have to call, things I have to do, etc. etc.
A constant flow of thoughts takes place.
Some days these thoughts are like a wild river that can sweep me away in it’s power.

Slowly through the practice and the conscious process of breath awareness the thoughts slow down.
Calmness arrives.

I then get to a point of no thoughts when the mind comes to a state of rest.
At this time I am aware of my body, breath and mind.
However, there are no thoughts and a state of peace prevails.

I call these moments the gap, the emptiness, the zero.
This state of being for me is God, as I know it and as I experience it.
This place is of immense spiritual peace, healing and insight.
It has boundless potential.

It all starts from transcending your thoughts and going into that space of no thoughts.


Spiritual Energy

Eating is the time when we are getting concentrated dose of food energy.
Similarly there are times of infusion of concentrated spiritual energy, this could be in chanting, meditation or just being in a holy place. Certain practices and places have the power to lift our spirit.

Just like there are gas stations to fuel up your car there are places to energize your spirit.

Go to the places, spend the time to load up on any of these practices that increase your spiritual energy.

Our constant companion of energy and peace also is our breath, available to us in each moment of our existence. Gentle awareness of the existence of our breath is a consciousness of life, spirit and God.