I want nothing

We want things, people, situations.

We want things to be a particular way, we want our lives to be this way or that way.

Huge amounts of time and energy is spent to fulfill these wants.

Some times our efforts are rewarded, sometimes they fail !

In one cases we receive joy and the other sorrow.
Both of which are fleeting.

And then our life is filled again with more wants.

There is a state of being without wants, every thing is OK as is.

It does not mean that you are not doing effort, just that you don’t want anything.
You are not working for the future you are working in the present moment.

Not wanting anything gets us in presence, it takes the struggle away.
Where there is a lot of peace, joy and love.

I don’t want my life to be a particular way.
I don’t want my relationships to be a particular way.

My life is OK as it is.

I want nothing.


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