Cycles of Life

Life is full of phases and cycles.
There are up cycles when things come to you and then there are down cycles when things leave you.
You can do all the right things and still be in a down cycle and then you can be in a up cycle without doing much.
To resist and fight is one option.
To accept and keep working is another.

Contentment (Santosh)

O God I am content
I am content in what is, as is

I am grateful for everything around me
I am grateful for life itself, the most precious thing of all

O God I accept myself as I am
My goodness and my challenges
they all make me who I am
they make me a human being

I am incredibly grateful
and I am content

I have Santosh

Spiritual Practice

Choose a spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, yoga etc.)

Choose something that you enjoy and that brings you peace.

Practice regularly.

Have faith in your practice.

Spiritual practices work in the background, they are working even when they may not appear to be. It is work that is never lost. Slowly and with regularity these practices have a deep impact.

The Sea within

There is an ocean of peace and tranquility within us.

It is not visible because we are so externally focused.

Yoga, meditation, prayer or whatever your practice is has the power to turn your attention inwards.

Once you see the sea, you say to yourself wow it’s all here isn’t it!

You can turn and soak in this sea of peace anytime and anywhere, just remember that it is there and it is there for you.

I want nothing

We want things, people, situations.

We want things to be a particular way, we want our lives to be this way or that way.

Huge amounts of time and energy is spent to fulfill these wants.

Some times our efforts are rewarded, sometimes they fail !

In one cases we receive joy and the other sorrow.
Both of which are fleeting.

And then our life is filled again with more wants.

There is a state of being without wants, every thing is OK as is.

It does not mean that you are not doing effort, just that you don’t want anything.
You are not working for the future you are working in the present moment.

Not wanting anything gets us in presence, it takes the struggle away.
Where there is a lot of peace, joy and love.

I don’t want my life to be a particular way.
I don’t want my relationships to be a particular way.

My life is OK as it is.

I want nothing.

The Mind and the breath

The mind is always in thinking mode, so is its nature.
Our heart beats, our nose smells and our brains thinks !

Thoughts both pleasant and unpleasant take us away from the present moment.
The present moment is where consciousness exits.

You are sitting in a comfortable, safe place yet you can be miserable if your mind is stuck in sad or negative thinking.
Our mind creates this reality to which our body reacts our shoulders get tight our breathing becomes shorter our muscles tense up.

The body reacts to the mental activity as if it is real as if it is actually happening.

The truth is that all of that is not happening it is only state of our mind that is in constant change.

The breath is always in the present moment.

And the breath is connected to the mind and body.

If we just focus on our breath this gently detaches us from the mind and it activities.
The breath brings us in the now where there is a lot of peace.
It is also the only truth that really exists.

So when you get stressed, breathe slowly and focus onĀ  the breath